The Freshest Pre-Fall 16 Collections Straight From the Runway!

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Keeping track of what is in-trend is quite a task and it can be really tough to stay updated with what is on the shop floor. To refresh and pepper your season with the latest collection, here are the freshest Pre-Fall’ 16 collections straight from the runway. The leopard prints and pastel hues are long-gone. It’s time to welcome the belted dresses, nerve-wrecking T-shirt look and denim shorts to stuff your wardrobe for the coming season.

Prep your look for the season:

1. Office Casuals

When you’re an office-goer and you have the freedom to wear whatever you want, instead of a professional look you can also opt for an office-casual look. Patchwork jeans or vintage dresses can be a hit as well. We are not hinting at sweaty pants or revealing outfits but have you thought about off-shoulder tops or dresses? The off-shoulder trend has fevered at an alarming pace and if you do not like to expose your arms, off-shoulders are at rescue for your arms. If you wish to wear the off-shoulder look at office you can pair the outfit with cigarette pants or pinstripe skirt, tie a bun and handle the corporate world in style.

2. Party Popper

The belted dresses are perhaps, the first choice for this Pre-Fall. These belted dresses are ultra-flattering on various body types and you can pull them off easily ‘because they’re guaranteed to start a legacy with cohorts admiring your style. Select a dress that is breeze-friendly and isn’t too sticky considering the weather and to note the style, nothing would exhibit your glowing skin like these belted dresses with a tad bit lower hemline, that’s just about it.

3. The T-Shirt Look

Its the Pre-Fall season and all we wish to do is to Baywatch or perhaps, drink margaritas and wear T-shirts, jeans or shorts but if you are in a 9 to 5 job you can’t really live this dream, can you? Me neither. If you are an office goer, T-shirts can be worn just when you get the knack to pull-off the T-Shirt look. A cropped T-shirt with a high-waist pencil skirt is a hit. Or a plain T-shirt with a midi-skirt can do wonders for you. Why don’t you pull off this T-shirt look? Stay comfortable yet corporate.

4. Shorts-in-Style

Well! Don’t you want to pull out those denim shorts hanging in your closet and take to the road in the perfect street style? Yes, it’s August and you’re exactly thinking what we’re thinking. If you are bored to wear the cutoffs with a pretty tank or with a bodysuit, it’s finally time to tick-present on the denim shorts waiting to be worn. Prep-up and play with the wardrobe essentials to pull-off a wonderful look. You can also wear denim shorts with gladiators, a belt bag and tank top or a crop top. It preps up the street style and looks just perfect.

5. Mix-and-Match

It’s time to mix and match bright and shiny hues like lemon yellow, cherry red, emerald green as it pepper up the entire outfit and makes one look, attractive and pretty. Just in case you fear bright hues, you have no idea how the mix-and-match can swing your entire attire into an exceptionally striking one. What say? Lemon yellow shirt dress prepped up with gold accessories or an emerald green with brown knee-length boots would surely steal many glances around. The Pre Fall ‘16 collection is all about mixing and matching the bright hues and staying comfortable in whatever you wear. Because experimenting with style and trying out new looks is just so fashionista-type. Try out these looks and all eyes will be on you.