Best 7 Role Plays to Try On

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It is being said, that the physical attraction takes around 3-6 months time to fade away. After which, you would see what is the actual scenario, is it the personality of the person you fell for, or just the body. So, after your honeymoon period of romance and passion, the days have started to dry up. You have the same person, you want to make love , but don’t really know, how to re-ignite that fire. Some people, indulge in sex games, other people go to travel. But not all the time, we have that much of time, or money.

Have you ever heard of roleplays? Well, these are easy scenes, where you get to play some character and enact the entire scene. People love them, because, they feel like other person, and things for a change, begin to look as different. Only thing you would want here is a pertner, who would be open for this.

Therefore, 7 easy role plays for you, so that , you can try and feel a new sensation, well, at least for 7 times.

1. House owner and the tenant

Consider, one of you as the house owner and the other one as the tenant. So, the house owner comes home to collect the rent, which hasn’t been transferred for the last 3 months now. As the house owner wants money and the tenant is out of cash, the tenant starts seducing the house owner, a fair deal according to the tenant. Since, the house owner had always been physically attracted to the tenant, after little hesitation, the house owner succumbs to the plan. Now, beauty of the scene is , anyone of you can be the house owner and the tenant. Only thing is, the tenant has to do more hard work( if you know, what it means).

2. Teacher and the student’s guardian

You get the diary of your child/young sibling with the remarks, that you need to meet the teacher. You go to see the teacher but it is already late, and the teacher tells you , since you didn’t come on time, now your child/ sibling has to be marked failed. After a lot of request, the teacher agrees to see you at his/her place, because it is the time of closure of school. You go to the teacher’s place , with an intension to discuss, what can be done, but the teacher starts seducing you and doesn’t want to take no for an answer. You also, get drawn towards the teacher.

3. Patient and the fake Doctor

Now, you have seen this person with your usual doctor, a lot of times, so, you automatically assumed the other person to be a doctor also. You had always exchanged few glances and smiles, but never really knew the person’s name or occupation. Once when you had gone to show some report of your family member, you don’t find your usual doctor there, but this person, who was also waiting for the doctor. You started talking to this person and then this person, fakes to be other doctor, and asks if you have a problem, because you are also attracted to this person, you show off your back of the neck, or belly, or thighs ( depending which part is more sensitive), and this fake doctor starts seducing you.

4. With the partner’s roommate

So, you are in a long distance relationship and all you know where does your partner stay, you have talked to your partner’s roommate a few times, and sometimes find the roomamate attractive or you have a hunch that the roommate is also attracted to you. You never moved further thinking about your relationship. Once day, you thought of visiting for 2 days to your partner’s place , a surprise visit. When you reach there, you get to know, that the partner has gone to some family event and will be home the next day. You want to go, but the roommate tells you it is only for a day and you can stay there. The roommate gets you drunk and starts to touch you inappropriate way and you give up.

5. Workout friend drops you home

This guy/girl is someone you always see in the gym. The way this person exercise always turns you on and you had always been fantasizing this person. You had also caught this person looking at you and then both of you exchange smiles. One day, when you think of walking down to the store near your place, you find this person, honking at you , and asking if you need a lift. Even if you can walk to the home, you still take a lift, hoping you can invite this person, to your place. When you invite this person, after little reluctance this person agrees to come to your place. You want to offer water, and while offering you deliberately spill little water on your Gym friend, then you tell this person to take off the top and when this person does that, you take the towel, and slowly start wiping the water. Your gym friend is also turning on and is finding is hard to control…..rest is your way.

6. Your partner’s colleague

You are having really bad relationship with you partner for a really long time now. But you go to the official parties with your partner and there is this one person, who you find attractive and soft spoken. The way of talking of this person gets you turned on. You also know, that this person might be attracted to you, because you have exchanged some flirtatious texts with each other, nothing really happened. So, one evening, when your partner is on leave, this person drops in to check in with your partner, since your partner has taken sick leave and is out for a trip with friends. When you tell that to this person, you become sad, and this person comes to console you, it starts with a hug, then a kiss on cheek, then a quick lip kiss, both of you realize it, but cant stop, you should lock your lips again and then you go the way you want.

7. The new intern in other office

This new person is someone now you have started to see in the office next to you. Sometimes, you have seen each other in the office cafeteria, sometimes you have bumped into each other in the lift, but you never really got any chance to talk to each other. Whenever this person leaves, you always exchange a smile and also, till the time you see this person, you keep on exchanging short glances. One day, you happen to be out of your home and you find this person, just outside out home, next door, struggling. When asked, this person tells you that the phone is dead, and she/he came to visit a friend who lives here. So, this person had no option than to wait there. Since, you live alone, you invite that person inside. And offer tea or coffee, then both of you start talking and this person tells you about his/her new appointment as an intern. Then while this intern wants to keep the cups and saucers in the kitchen , you try stopping this person, and hug this person tightly.