Bollywood Movies That Tried to Come Clean on LGBT Community

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Bollywood has always shown gay members in a ridicule-worthy way. The main motive was to add an extra zing of comedy to the movie. They are never shown as the accepted members of the society. However here are few progressive bollywood films where the actor has convincingly played the role of a gay person. Kudos to the bollywood directors for initiating and presenting the following beautiful movies about LGBT community.

Girlfriend (2004)

The film depicts two childhood friends living and working together. Isha Koppikar (Tanya) portrays a lesbian girl role who is obsessed with her friend. The movie focuses on the insecurity Tanya started feeling when her friend Sapna started dating a guy.

Kapoor and sons (2016)

Famous Pakistani actor Fawad Khan played the homosexual role in this Dharma Productions Film. Not many people would know that this particular role of ‘Rahul Kapoor’ was offered to 5 other leading actors in the industry but they refused. The actor gained a huge appreciation from critics as well as the audience. The story that was believed to be another love triangle story turned out to be way more interesting.

My brother …Nikhil (2005)

Well known swimmer Nikhil Kapoor (Suri) manages the repercussions of declaring the fact that he has HIV/AIDS. In his bad times he gets the support of his sister and his boyfriend Nigel.

Dear dad (2016)

It is a heart touching father-son relationship movie where both goes on an impromptu road trip to drop the later to the boarding school. The film tackles the issue about a father coming out to his son that he is gay. In the end the son came around to see the good in his father and accepted him.

Margarita with a straw (2014)

The movie features Kalki Koechlin with cerebral palsy who leaves her place in India to study in New York where she unexpectedly falls in love with a blind girl. Following, she embarks on a fortifying sail of self-discovery. Later she mustered the courage to tell her mother about her sexuality.

Timeout (2015)

The film was praised because it has taken up adolescent issues of sexuality and personal life choices. The friendliness, sociability, laughter and the bond between two brothers is tested when a 14-year-old boy is confronted with the complexities of a simple relationship.

Now that section 377 has been scrapped, maybe we can find more such movies. We need movies that are sensitive and more realistic towards the LGBT community. Not to mention above movies have faced their share of criticism and were condemn in certain parts. Though there were parts in movie that failed in refinement and were not able to break the stereotype but we shall be overwhelmed and honoured by each and every member of the film who took / will take a step towards gay rights and for creating awareness among every citizen of India.