7 Things That a Partner Expects From You, but Would Never Tell You

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There were days, when men used to control the household and women used to follow. Now, in majority of households, people start to follow equality between husbands and wives. Even after all these things, a woman usually has complains that her man is not fulfilling her demands without realizing that a man might also have few things to ask for. Psychologically speaking, men do not like ask things other than food and physical intimacy, but here are 7 things which they expect from their wives but won’t tell her. These results came out after a survey of 173 men aged 27-65yrs in relationship (marriage included).

1. Admiration

First thing to make it to the top is admiration. Admiration is the combination of love and respect. So, if you had been thinking , that your husband seeks only respect from you or only love, you are wrong. Especially, if you are in a public place, make sure that you show respect towards him. I am not saying he can be disrespectful. But a man takes a note of this , that how his wife is treating him in Public.

2. Supportive

Another important factor is being supportive. A man would rarely say that he is having some problem or he needs you emotionally, but if you know him, you know, he wants that support. When he presents any idea to you, rather than declining it at the very first stage, take time to listen to the idea. It might be a chance that the idea presented is just not worth it, but when you are listening to the idea, just listen don’t just hear, to say NO at the end.

3. Intelligent

In our country, the perception of intelligence is so wrong, that most of the people end up saying that they are not intelligent. In India, Marks in the examination are the only source which tell us who is intelligent. But that is not true. Intelligence is basically the skill to handle problems without getting annoyed. If you are not told how to do certain things, even then you can do it by trying, then that mean you are intelligent. So, handling a situation independently and nicely is a sign of good intelligence.

4. Family Oriented

This is a big one. We know, that in India, we “have to” be family oriented. But when someone says family oriented, in India it just doesn’t mean only your children and partner. Family includes your parents as well and siblings. A woman who is more family oriented and has kept the family together is loved more. Now, with that statement, I am very sure, you might be thinking about Parvati Bhabhi and Tulsi Viraani, but even if you are a working woman, spending quality time with your entire family on festivals is something to be valued.

5. Mixing

This nature is deeply appreciated by men. They value a woman who is of mixing nature. Ever seen that family member, whenever there is a festival, this person doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t like to spend time with other members and is always sulking. Don’t be like that person. No matter how much you dislike your relative, once if you smile by heart and try to mix, you would be appreciated. By mixing, I don’t mean, you need to ask them person or offending questions, I mean focusing only on the present event.

6. Independent

You don’t’ have to be financially independent if you are not working. Being independent means, not depending on anybody. Let us say, the gas is over and you need to order a refill. You are waiting for your husband, because only he books the refill. Have you ever thought, for such small little things, how much are you dependent on your husband. Dependency is good, but codependency is better. A person working for long hours and gets to hear a list of such errands may make your man upset.

7. Open to experiment

Now this is the point where it gets little bold. If you have a partner who wants to try new things whether it may be related to food or on bed, you may want to be open. Psychologically speaking, the more you try new things with your partner, the more you get attached to him.

So, these are the factors, which a man might not be very open to discuss with you but would always expect from you. But at the end, nothing else matters if the love is pure from both the ends.