7 Unique Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Wife

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Gifts are always special and hence they should be such that one can remember their entire life. Since Karwa chauth is approaching, all the married women must be excited about their Karwa chauth gifts and on the other hand men would be tensed about what to gift. The first few things that comes to the mind of any men are sarees, salwar kameez, outfit, jewellery, phone, flowers or chocolates but what if you have given these all to your wives? Also if you believe the above gifts to be very common for gifting purpose, here let’s check out some unique karwa chauth gifts for your wife:

Fitness Products

These days everyone is into fitness and stuff. If your wife is also a fitness freak or even if she is not, any fitness product like treadmill, cycle, skipping rope etc can be the best Karwa chauth gift option.

Travel Surprise

Due to hectic work schedules and daily busy lives, couples get less quality time to spend together. You can surprise your wife by gifting her travel voucher as her karwa chauth gift and take her to her favorite destination where she has wanted to go since long.


Women needs hell of energy to deal with today’s maid and handles their tantrums. Dishwasher has really become an essential utility product and hence it can be a great idea to gift it.

Beauty and Spa Vouchers

What’s better than handling your wife some beauty and spa vouchers as karwa chauth gift? Handling a whole house, taking care of kids and also managing office work, requires lots of energy and a woman get no time to take care of her own self. Let her pamper herself one day where she can just enjoy the beauty service and massages and just relax.

Ipod with Her Favorite Songs

Every woman love to hear songs and what could be better than gifting her Ipod with her favorite songs. Gifting an Mp3 player or an Ipod may be common but searching her favorite songs and then downloading it shows your effort and makes it to the list of unique karwa chauth gifts.

Gift her a Pet

Only if your wife is an animal lover and wants to have a pet since a long time, gift her a pet and make her happy this Karwa chauth. But if your wife is allergic to animals or don’t like them then please avoid this idea of karwa chauth gift as it may turn your wife mood off.


If your wife is an avid reader then Kindle can be her best possible Karwa chauth gift. You can make her reading easier by gifting her Kindle which has features like glare free screen, touch screen, light weighted and it’s easy to carry anywhere.

All the above listed Karwa chauth gifts are unique and will be a surprise for your wife. You can choose any one gift depending on her preferences and choices. If you have some more ideas of unique karwa chauth gifts then do comment and share your unique karwa chauth gifts ideas with us.