Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review: Lockdown Toast to Friendship

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The latest prime amazon series Four More Shots, Please! is a toast to, much underrated, female friendship. The web series is a sequel of the series ‘Four Shots, Please!, which was released early in the year 2019. Though, the latter version gives you way better content to watch.

It may appear like Veere Di Wedding, or Sex and the City with four girls exploring different aspects of life. But just to excite you, the series is way better than those.

Four more shots, please! starts with the staggered friendship of four girls and takes on a journey of being saviors of each other, after the pact “ye dosti ham nahi todenge, the best ship is friendship and to never jumping the ship off, again!’

The 10-episode series begins with the disoriented life of 4-girls, who are trying to work on their flawed life, supporting each other, with friendly taunts and banter now and then.

Besides female friendship, Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra (story writer of the series) have tried their best to provide the best kind of content, which will keep the audience lured to the following episodes.

The female-oriented series focuses on different aspects of women’s lives. Starting from mood swings associated with hormones, stereotypes, body shaming, relationship concerns, emotional breakdown, work pay inequality, unsatisfied sex, fake orgasms, and domestic misogyny.

The best part about the story is every character has a story of their own. And every story, though on a different track, carries substance. Their personal and professional life have been given equal gravity.

A writer with her book issue remains influenced by she was bought-up, and that in turn, affects her relationships. A divorcee single-mother who happens to be a lawyer has worked very hard in her twenties, and now she is clueless about what she wants in her thirties. A bisexual physical trainer is in love with a celebrity, who is insecure about the growing popularity of the partner. And, a south Bombay girl is yet on the voyage of her self-discovery because she had everything in abundance.

In the run, the writer has smoothly included male members, provided them with adequate screen time, and gave them their due credit. After all, that is what real feminism is about!

There is a small section about patriotism and politics, where bigotry is given the limelight and a little lecture about the difference between the love of country and love to the country. This adds feather to the storyline, I must say!

However, progressiveness is a little hyped here. Or that is what I felt because I don’t see unmarried women discussing her pregnancy often, in India. There were few more not-so-relatable real-life scenarios, targeting the Indian audience and life-style in mind. But that hardly makes a difference in the entertainment part.

The sweet sassy and savage banter, again ends on a disoriented point, with girls holding hands and leaving the audience craving for more Four Shots!

Registering response of people, the series scores 8.5/10

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