What to Do if You’re on Your Period on Your Wedding Day?

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Wedding Day is the most special day of every girl’s life. So, the special day of your life is about to arrive. Everything is planned, the perfect dress, the most romantic venue of the city, honeymoon destination, and what not? But oops! What’s happening? You suddenly realize your chums are here and you definitely did not invite them to your wedding. Well, the best way to avoid such a situation is to try and fit it into your marriage plans much before the time. If you happen to experience your period on wedding day, a few things can be done to avoid any kind of mishaps. The first thing to be done is stay calm and composed. Keep a smile pasted to your face and enjoy the day. Here are some tips for you in case you happen to experience period on the most auspicious day of your life:

Rush to the doctor

In any case of uneasiness or a disease, all of us look for the doctor. Similarly, if you have these uninvited guests suddenly interrupting the special occasion of your life, doctor’s clinic is not far away! Start taking the pills two weeks before your period is due, it may delay your next period for your day. This might not be a foolproof solution though, but help’s for sure.

Use a menstrual cup

They really do help: The menstrual cups can prove to be great help for the ‘aunt flo’ blunder that just took place. These cups can easily be inserted into the vagina and help cover the opening to the cervix. Tampons can also be used as a backup, otherwise pads are always your best friend during your menstrual cycle. These help prevent leakage. If you want to keep things tidy on your wedding night, the cup can also be inserted prior to sex.

Make love on your wedding night anyways

Due to extra sensitivity as well as lubrication, some women enjoy being intimate during their menstrual flow whereas, on the other hand, some find it more painful. Well, the whole thing entirely depends upon you and your better half. If your partner is ok with it, just go ahead and have an intercourse. Just make sure to take tiny precautions in order to avoid untidiness, like bring a towel along so that you can place it down to protect the bed.

In short, any of the brides can experience this mishap on the very special day of her life, but not to worry girls! There is always a solution to everything. Just don’t panic too much! Keep calm and tranquil, it’s your day girl! Enjoy it to the fullest and don’t forget to wear a smile all day long. This smile will add on to your glow on the wedding day. Discuss this with your friends and know each other’s experience in case such a thing ever happened to anyone of you.