6 Must Haves if Applying for a Foreign College

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If a study abroad programme seems appealing to you and you’ve applied or been selected and you are now super-duper excited about the abroad adventure. Well, congratulations! The next step is to prepare yourself for the trip. So make a probable questionnaire and kick start your preparation. Here we have complied 6 must have points in your to-do list while planning your trip.

Passport and Visa

Without a passport, your abroad trip is impossible. If you already owned one, make sure that it’s not expired or won’t expire within 6 months of your intended return to the place you have opted for study. Also, check with other credentials related to the passport.

For newbies, it’s always advisable to apply for it before you plan a trip because the process may take a little time and also cuts the end-time hassle. One can also apply online, make payment and fix a schedule. It’s the easiest way to apply for a passport these days.

In addition to a passport, a traveller may need a visa to visit his/her dream country. Different countries have different visa requirements. In this regards, you will have to do some research and find out the required list. Or you can approach the nearest embassy as well. Like a passport, visa applications also takes several months to process so delay is non-advisable.

Apart from this, there are few countries, which allow the students to enter without a visa for 90 days. So, if your dream country comes under this umbrella than it’ll be an icing on the cake.

Ensure You Have a Travel Insurance Plan

While traveling abroad it is a must that you are covered by an accidental insurance plan.

What are Things that a Travel Insurance Covers?

  • Coverage at the time of flight is delayed/cancelled
  • Lost luggage
  • Stolen personal belongings
  • Evacuation in the case of a health emergency or natural disaster

Moreover, you can avail health insurance too from the Council of International Educational Exchange.

Find a Plane Ticket at Cheapest Price: You’re Lucky

Finding a plane ticket as per your budget and criteria is like an art of timing and luck. The fares are always unexpected and may vary depending on when you want to fly and to where you want to buy your tickets. There are various agencies though, you can compare the fares as well. Additionally, there are student travel agencies too who offer inexpensive tickets for students travelling abroad. You can approach them too.

Research Your Destination

Do some homework before flying to your destination. By knowing briefly about your soon-to-be home’s culture, language, history, economy, geography, you can ease your stay there.

Settle with the Money

Get an online account of you don’t have. It will be easier for you to use ATM/debit or credit cards to get cash in the local currency.

Moreover, never forget to inform your current bank that you are flying. Otherwise, you risk getting locked out of your account or they might flag it as a fraud.

Also, get some cash with you and don’t forget it the convert to the required currency. You can find the moneychangers at airport or metro stations.

Finally Start Packing

Now come to the last stage when you are done with all the documentations and financial requirements, start packing up. Kindly double check with your airlines to learn their luggage allowances to avoid fees. The less baggage you carry, the lesser are the chances of getting charged.

Finally, prepare yourself mentally, cross check everything that you have packed, especially the documents. Though you can never expect to be fully prepared upon arrival, we hope these tips will help you to plan your trip to your dream destination. Happy flight!!!