Safety Tips for Solo Women Traveller

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Open the social media and half of the people in your friend’s list is uploading pictures of some new places, doing some new adventures, or buying something antique from a particular market, and not to forget the varieties of food and culture.

So whatever the reason is, travelling around is on almost everybody’s bucket list. And to experience something different, Solo Travelling is a very romantic idea but not so romantic when comes for safety of women. So, here are some handy safety tips for women who wants to venture alone anywhere, let it be across a state, country or world.

1. Research

Lucky to born in the age of Google, where almost every information is handy. And when you are travelling alone to a new place, u should take care of Cultures, Languages, Politcs, how to Dress, Food, Scam and where to stay. When you are booking a hotel or hostel in advance, go by the review. Never book a hotel or place without reading reviews or when no review is mentioned. It will not only just help you to stay away from danger but also will not let you miss anything.

2. Hyper-aware

Stay aware about your surroundings, if anyone is following you or a person watching you regularly or a car is halting continuously behind you. Stay cautious to footsteps, shadow or people coming near you. Change the lanes suddenly. Never update on Social Media in real time about your location, do it once you have left the place.

3. Packing

Do not pack all your important documents and cash at single place. Distribute it in 2-3 pouch, purse or pocket of the bag. Keep secret cash for emergency. Always carry the Xeroxed documents when you are travelling through the city, lock the original one in the hotel room where you are staying.

4. Interacting

Refer women for directions or place. If travelling by public transport, sit beside a woman, if ladies coach is not available. Prefer hiring a private taxi in the strange city. Strangers could be good as well as bad so always trust your guts. Lie if necessary. If feeling lost, do not let it come on your face, fake it till you make it.

5. Contacts

Always keep updated your friends and family about your whereabouts, with so much of technology flooding around, keep sending them your locations. Keep a note of a friend or a family member who could be contacted at the time of emergency. If travelling overseas, register on embassy, they will act like POC of your family.