4 Simple Hair Hack for Shiny Hair

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Hair is the natural crown that a woman carries on her head and who doesn’t want shiny crown! We all want hair like Priyanka Chopra who is also known for her hair ad of Pantene. Of course, we can’t afford each and every time to go to salon. Worry not; here are simplest hair packs that you can make at home easily.

Henna with eggs, lemon and coffee

We all know that henna is commonly used for hair in a common way but do you know we can add ingredients as per hair requirement. Take 3tbps of coffee powder and add it into the water. Boil it for 10-12 minutes on medium flame. Dilute the henna with the coffee water and lemon juice. Soak it for whole night. Apply it in the next day morning by adding 1-2 eggs (desi) into the mixture. Keep it for 3-4 hours. Wash it with cold water and see the result. Follow the procedure twice in a month.

Yogurt with Aloe Vera gel and honey

Since yogurt consists of vitamin, it boosts the hair growth. Make the mixture of yogurt, honey and aloe Vera gel. Blend it properly for few minutes and apply it on the roots of the hair. Dry it for 40 minutes. After 40 mins, wash off your hair with luke warm water. Isn’t it easy?


Well banana isn’t only for eating; you can apply on the hair too. Mash up bananas according to your hair length- maximum 2 bananas required. Apply it on your hair for 40 minutes. Let the mash go till the roots of your hair for healthy result. Put mask for a while. Wash and rinse thoroughly to get better hair.


Sometimes we lose the sparkle through dandruff. If you have dandruff, grab the shampoo and add the powder of aspirin tablet in it. Apply to the roots and rinse for few minutes and wash it properly. Use conditioner for better result.