Solang Valley: Himachal Pradesh

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Solang Valley Located 15kms above Manali lies Solang valley. At this place, one can find adventures in tranquillity. Solang valley, indeed, is dangerously beautiful with lots of ups and downs. This place comes on the way to Rohtang pass and like the state itself, this place is love for people who have visited for adventure, trekking or just to feel stillness of the nature. Let it be summer season or winter weather, it is a perfect sight to see..!!

It is beautiful and it can be defined in this way:


Steep slope of Solang valley makes it perfect for Skiing, but this facility is offered in winter only.

Skiing is replaced by Zorbing in summer- It starts somewhere from the month of May. Zorbing, if you have no idea about, is an adventure activity done in the steep slopes. It is done in huge ball with capacity of 2 people to go inside and it is rolled down from hills with distance of 200 meters.

Paragliding, well personally I would define it as watching hills while flying like bird. It is one hell of an experience, moment of adrenaline rush mixed with excitement of flying.

Lately, cable car has been introduced which will carry people to the height of 2200 meters allowing them to glide from there. There is provision of Rope crossings as there is water flowing amid the rocks and Bungee Jumping too.


Paragliding (1500mts): INR 1500

Paragliding (2500 mts and above): INR 3200 (including the charges of cable car)

Zorbing, Bungee jumping, River crossing: INR 400 each or INR 800 for all (depending on your bargaining skills) There are other fun activities too, like Paint balls which cost INR 100/person.


A night stay in camp is always in the plan of travellers. Well, Solang Valley will not leave you disappointed in this arena too. The valley becomes too silent at night left with only few tourist and workers over there. Though the number of camps above are too less, you can do booking before reaching or you can directly go and book, depending on the season. There are happykampers people, who give the best facility in the area and booking can be done one happykampers.in. These people provide the best and affordable facility in the area. Hotels, too, are available.


INR: 1200 for two people.


There are hotels and camp people offering Buffet and Thali both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. But, I would advice to go for Dhabas, if you are a budget traveller.


  • Buffet or Thali: INR 300 (max) per person
  • Dhaba thali: INR 80-120 per person


People can go be their personal cars or bikes, or rented cabs. However, if you are a budget traveller, use public transport and stay updated about the timings from Bus stand of Manali, which is easily accessible.


  • From Manali to Solang Valley, it is available at 8:00 a.m./ 12:00 p.m. / 3:00 p.m.
  • From Solang Valley to Manali, it is available thrice a day i.e. at 10:00 a.m./ 2:00 p.m./ 5:00 p.m.

Traveller Tips: Localite or Shop vendors have all the information. It is best to ask them these details


In case of public tansport, ticket costs around INR 30-40 per head depending on the fuel used in the Vehicle. If you have rented a cab, the cost varies from season to season and it can vary from INR 1000- 1500 per cab.


Depending on what you want to experience, you can plan your holiday. The mountains never disappoint anyone!