Friendship Day Quick Gift Ideas

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Did you just remember that it is first Sunday of August and it is supposed to be friendship day? Ooh Shit! Me too. Remember the promises that you made while coming out of school or College or leaving your city, to stay in touch and share every small details and big events of the life. Well..time kaha hai?

So, this friendship day celebrate all kind of long distance and short distance friendship and surprise your friends with these amazing gifs and let them know they still hold important position in your heart as well as life.

1. Cake:

AAh..who doesn’t love cake?! This one is for foodie friend of yours with whom you have shared uncountable number of fights on the last loaf. Let them get nostalgic with the memories and come back to you. And friendship is nothing less than a CELEBRATION!!

2. Friendship Trophy:

You were not so good or not so bad that you are now, before you met your friend. So this is for that friend of yours who brought you out of break up trauma, spoiled you and stood against odd to stand with you.

3. Printed Cushion:

This one is for the sloth bear of your group with whom you hold numerous memories of house parties and philosophical nights. This is the best way to tell them thanks for loving you when you could not love yourself.

4. A jar of memories:

This one is for old school friend of your who loves to preserve things. Let your friend know that you too have preserved your share of memories with him/ her too.

5. Plant:

This one is for the category of the friend who does not love much of flowers or avoid being cheesy. You could simply symbolise your friendship with the growing plant and say how much you have bloomed as a person in their friendship.

6. A phone call:

Well there is no problem that cannot be solved by talking, words have always created wonders. This friendship day, call your friends who you do not talk to anymore but miss them. May be they would be too waiting for your phone call!!

Don’t miss a chance to say your friends “Tera Yaar hoon mai” because “Har ek dost zaroori hota hai”