8 Must Have Bottom Wears for Every Fashionista

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A couple of years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of choices available for bottom wears. But as fashion got trendier, the world has become your oyster! Palazzos, cigarette pants, dhoti pants, culottes - the silhouettes are endless! So, whatever your shape and preference, here are 8 must-have bottom-wears for you.

1. Palazzos

The key to looking stylish in palazzos is to feel comfy wearing them, which is exactly what palazzos are all about - comfortable and fashionable. Palazzos are stylish and cool summer-wear and give women a much-needed break from the dull blue jeans, dresses, normal work pants and salwar kameez. Palazzos have become a rage in India; it is the most loved Indo-western trend adopted from the flared silhouettes of the 60s and 70s.

2. Culottes

Culottes were unquestionably one of the most sought-after fashions of the 60s and 70s. Not only could you go to an exercise class in them but also run errands, without having to change your clothes. Now culottes can be one of the most versatile clothing items in your closet. Simply pair culottes with a t-shirt for casual gatherings or wear a dressier top and shoes for special occasions. You certainly need to give the culottes a chance this season.

3. Ethnic skirts

Pass up the pencil skirts this season and buy yourself a stunning long ethnic skirt. And you are sure to look like a diva! These skirts paired with crop top are the perfect party wear for women attending any small function.

4. Cigarette pants

No girl’s closet can ever be complete without a pair of 4. Cigarette pants! It is one Indian outfit that can be worn to the office or even lunch dates. They are loved for their flattering fit and have the power to make you feel oh-so-chic.

5. Dhoti pants

The dhoti pants are back in style, giving women some incredible designs to pick from. It’s truly a great item for anyone looking for an appealing bottom-wear to add to their closet.

6. Ripped jeans

The ripped jeans are now very much in fashion. It has done well in the majority of countries and is fast catching up in other places too. Especially, teenagers are crazy about this ripped style and they sure know how to look cool without getting influenced by the latest trends.

7. Boyfriend jeans

When summer comes, can boyfriend jeans be far behind? One of the great products of the boyfriend fashion trend is the boyfriend jeans. These jeans are the latest rage amongst the comfortable fashion lovers. The best part is that you can steal it from your partner’s closet!

8. Shorts/ hot pants

There is nothing comfier than wearing shorts or hot pants in summer day. They are not only worn during vacation but also anytime since they offer minimalism and hot look!

Now that you know what bottom war items to have in your closet, it’s time to go online and start shopping for the perfect bottom wear available for girls out there.