Why Is Internet Going Gaga Over Kiki Challenge?

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A new challenge has surfaced in the realm of online video challenge. Besides, at this point, you must already know that it’s the Kiki Challenge!

Dancing alongside a moving auto or car may sound strange, however, that is the thing that a huge number of social media users around the world are doing to participate in this viral Kiki Challenge or In My Feelings Challenge - inspired by Canadian rapper Drake’s most recent song. This song’s lyrics go like, ‘Kiki do you love me’ and it has made police around the world to issue alerts against this unsafe challenge.

So, what is basically the KiKi challenge? This demands the challenge participant to move alongside a moving vehicle and afterward hop once more into the car. The car moves slowly with the individual hopping out of it and dancing to Drake’s latest track, ‘In My Feelings’, on street– for the most part, in the middle of ongoing traffic.

How did this all start?

In spite of the fact that the “Kiki, do you love me?” is made by Canadian rapper Drake, yet the KiKi challenge turned into a web sensation on June 30 when comic Shiggy posted an Instagram video wherein he was dancing to this Drake song on a street. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr likewise recorded himself dancing to this song. Even superstars like Will Smith have participated in the Kiki challenge and he’s seen dancing on top of a bridge in Budapest.

In case, you are active on social media, you must’ve watched them all dancing to this most recent hit number of Canadian rapper Drake. Your social media feed must be filled with people participating in this bizarre challenge and the number of people attempting it is increasing every second. And not only stars, common people are going gaga over this newly surfaced Kiki challenge. Social media enthusiasts seem to take that challenge very seriously.

The current trend has additionally led the Indian celebs too participate in the Kiki challenge. Actors like Nia Sharma and Adah Sharma have shared their recordings on Instagram. Comedy pioneers like AIB have posted some interesting recordings of the Kiki challenge. They have included the older recordings of Anushka Sharma and Sachin Tendulkar conversing with the common people on the road. If you are a shoe lover and always have an urge to buy a pair of shoes, then you probably can’t have enough pairs to satiate your love for shoes. While you might not have all the shoes you would like to have, here are the essential 7 pairs that every girl should have in their collection:

The impact of this Kiki challenge is so massive that police departments around the globe needed to issue warnings after seeing the recordings online where people have fallen out of the car even before they began doing the dance. To think about it, the challenge is not only bizarre but also very risky. Not only could it be risky for the participant but also for the people moving on the streets. The US, Spain and the UAE Police departments cautioned individuals that the Kiki challenge is hazardous and individuals attempting it may face criminal accusations due to the massive risks involved.

Essentially, Mumbai police too warned individuals to “desist from public nuisance or face the music!”