7 Easy Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

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These days, yoga appears to be the most prominent type of weight reduction exercise, since individuals say that it is simple to practice and that there is no fuss in doing yoga. Yoga asanas for weight reduction are turning into the most loved subject among yoga experts and it will just be a matter of time before yoga for weight reduction is practiced everywhere throughout the nation!

Below are 7 easy yoga asanas for weight loss

1. Plank

Holding a plank might be amazing compared to other approaches to strengthen your core. It is easy to do but the results of plank would show in your abs really quickly. Draw the top of your head and your heels in opposite directions and move your chest forward between your arms.

2. Bow Pose

It efficiently burns fat while toning your stomach region and additionally your arms and legs. Begin by lying down on your stomach. Gradually bend your knees and go back to hold your feet. Raise your abdominal area whilst extending your feet upward. Keep your shoulder blades relaxed.

3. Cobra Pose

This posture is one of the easiest yoga poses for weight reduction. Begin by lying face down with the highest points of your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands under your shoulders while squeezing your hips and legs down. Gradually lift your abdominal area and head far from the yoga mat. Hold your shoulders back and look upwards.

4. Warrior I Pose

The Warrior I is a very important posture when you’re doing yoga for weight reduction. It helps tone down the arm, stomach, and thigh muscles. Begin by standing straight with your feet around 4-5 steps apart. Gradually turn both your feet and chest towards the left. Keeping your right leg straight, gradually bend your left knee over your toes. At that point raise your arms over your head in prayer position before raising your head to look at your hands.

5. Wind-Releasing Pose

This simple yoga for weight reduction tones and strengthens your stomach region. Resting on the floor, gradually bring your knees to your chest while keeping your ankles together. Raise your head far from the yoga mat while clutching your arms over your knees.

6. Side Stretch Pose

Again one of the simplest yoga postures for weight reduction, the Side Stretch is efficient in burning calories and increasing your heartbeat. Begin by positioning your feet wide apart. Turn both your chest and feet to one side. Turn your abdominal area over your right leg until its parallel to the floor. Next, touch your hands to the ground.

7. Downward Dog

Searching for a method to tone your full body? Then Downward Dog is your thing. To achieve the most muscle-toning benefits, turn your thigh muscles inward, and do the same with your upper arms.

Turning to yoga for weight reduction won’t just enable you to get thin, however, will also enhance your balance and flexibility in the long term.