7 Must Watch Indian Web Series if You Are a Travel Lover

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Can’t swing a major get-away this year? Grounded travelers have an assortment of phenomenal travel-related series to choose from, because of some essential films. Have you ever watched a film that truly moved you, as in got you down to book tickets to the fascinating destination? Here is a couple of Indian web series on Travel that is really popular.


This story is about three siblings, who go on a trip of a lifetime! They set out on a road trip and bond over in the course of their adventure and have the time of their lives. Trust me, you won’t have the desire to stop until you complete the whole season.

Way Back Home

Traveler Rohan Thakur explores the most stunning spots in Himachal Pradesh in this a delightful first-of-its-kind sound/visual Himalayan travelogue. Rohan has featured some of the best hidden gems of the Himalaya that people generally miss out on. This is a must-watch this series and you will thank us!

Away from Home

This series contains eight episodes and will give you a great idea about the life in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The series has the potential to motivate you so much that you may end up packing your bags and setting out to this beautiful beach destination.

Under The Rupee

Under the Rupee will smash all the clich├ęs, which make people believe that making a trip to Europe requires a lot of money. This series also stars Rohan Thakur and you’ll see Thakur finding the ancient yet astounding parts of Europe. You will learn how to spend smartly without wasting a huge amount of money while setting out to any European destination. A must-watch series without a doubt!

The Trip

Featuring diva Lisa Haydon and comedian Mallika Dua alongside two other ladies, this web series is an all-girls trip from India to Thailand. It’s a refreshing series that attempts to show the best of Thailand. You truly need to watch it!


GottadoIndia is a youtube channel by Scherezade Shroff, who explores the delightful spots in India. She captures her journey and food excursions for you to enjoy back at home. This dynamic youtuber will surely influence you to get up from your couch and fulfill your bucket list!

Mumbiker Nikhil

Travel buffs out there will love this one! This isn’t a series but instead a YouTube channel by a biker and one of the Indian Vloggers Nikhil, who goes to a different destination on his treasured bike.

A lot of us watch many travel series just to realize that we do this unintentionally because we are enthusiastically in love with travel experiences.

When you watch a series, you are driven into embarking to some unknown place looking for experience and thrills. You can enjoy a series by sitting back and watching it with a companion or alone. Sip a glass of beverage, get a bowl of popcorn and be transported to a refreshing new world for a couple of hours!