Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Diwali

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One of the most popular folk art, practiced in majority of Indian households, Rangoli is a celebration with colours. Almost every part of India, includes the practice of rangoli in their celebration of prominent festivals, round the year. But it is in Diwali, where the art gets a maximum exposure since it is almost a ritual to decorate the house with Rangoli in this festival. People try to fetch unique yet new rangoli designs to decorate their rooms and gateways and make the festival more colourful.

Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Diwali is a festival of Goddess Laxmi, who embodies prosperity and wealth and that is why every decoration, including beautiful rangoli designs manifest on use of bright colours, portrayal of diyas, swastika, lotus and swirling patterns that highlight the festive sense and the spirit of the occasion.

Spreading all these emotions this form of art is attractive but not always easy to execute. Specially the complex and integral rangoli designs often need expertise to implement. That is why here are some trendy and easy motifs that are simple to do yet beautiful to look.

New Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Carpet style rangoli design for Diwali:

When it comes to designing in the hallway or in a larger area the best option is the carpet style Rangoli. With specific lined borders the designing can be done with fewer curvatures and more of line patterns. Use of multi colours makes it look bright and vibrant.

Semi Circular Shaped Rangoli design for Diwali:

Best placed in the entrance of the house, this kind of Rangoli designs are popular for its ease of design. Highlighted with bright colours and simple shapes, the design gets more beautiful with diyas placed around.

Round shaped easy rangoli design for Diwali:

Traditional round shape and use of colourful florals designs with white highlighters can create quite a sophisticated look in rangoli designs. The round shaped designs are popular for ages and have successfully kept their charm till today. Decorating the centre of the puja room or the gateway with these designs can be an excellent idea.

Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Bangle shaped easy Rangoli design for Diwali:

Forming a design with bangle shapes are easy and quite attractive too. The complexity of the designs is minimal thus refraining from the risk of being messy this is an excellent style for the beginners. Use of ear buds, combs and even flowers are also popular ways of filling the designs and creating a elaborate form.

Swastika Rangoli:

Being an auspicious sign, Swastika designs are often used in Rangoli and in the most creative ways possible. Being an easy shape it can be easily drawn and designed in definite patterns or even in the midst of elaborate designs as a highlighter.

Designing a Rangoli is nothing but expressing the free spirit of mind and the celebration mood of the occasion. Since there is no fixed rule so creativity can take its toll and speak out the best way it can.