Sarojini Nagar Market, SN Market

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Sarojini Nagar Market (SN Market) is one of the most coveted markets of Delhi NCR. It has been North Capital Region’s most favourable shopping destination at killer prices. Sarojini Nagar has never been a disappointment whether one has to buy shoes, trendy clothes, fashionable jewellery or designer bags. And of course, there is no use of shopping without a healthy bargain dose.

SN is listed as an ultimate destination for street fashion at cheap rates. There has been a wide range of high-street merchandise available, be it fashion designers, starlets, college students, school going kids, hard working professionals etc. The buyers here are not affected by the weather conditions. Even in summers, when the sun seems especially strong, all the streets of the market are bustling and being elbowed.

All regular shoppers had some advice that sprung from years of experience:

  1. To begin with, you must withdraw enough money before entering the market as the ATMs have long queues.
  2. You must remember to carry a king sized bag to stow your shopping, as carrying small polythene bags will not be handy enough and it might become a task to carry so many bags.
  3. You must have the quality to bargain and never ask for price. You call out the price you want to pay and walk away if the seller does not agree to your price. Nine out of ten times the vendor will follow you and will give you the thing at your price.

Some crazy and unbelievable facts about Sarojini Nagar:

  • This is the only market where one can get the most expensive brands at one-fourth of its original price, be it Vero Moda, Lacoste, Zara, Mango or any other brand.
  • SN market is the best place to get a mind boggling variety of styles, panaches, etc. This gives you the latest trends of fashion.
  • It is the best place to check how good you are at bargaining.
  • You’ll find ample variety of shoes available all across the lanes and by-lanes of the market at astounding rates.
  • If you’re jewellery junky, then Sarojini can prove to be the most lucrative destinations.
  • The best time to shop at Sarojini is a weekday. You will not miss out on fresh stocks.
  • Wait! If you’re tired after doing all the shopping and you feel hungry, you need to worry as you’ll find great food out there in the market.

The only drawback about this market is that no trial rooms or changing rooms are available at street-side shops. You need to make use of art of bartering. The market is closed on Mondays.