Greater Kailash M-Block Market

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Since the 1970s, the Greater Kailash M-Block Market, known locally just as ’M-block market', has attracted Delhi’s upwardly mobile. Positioned side-by-side along a covered walking path, stall vendors flog all sort of knickknacks, making for a colorful afternoon wander.

Greater Kailash’s M Block Market is synonymous with ‘lifestyle’, with its fashion, accessories and cosmetics shops along with outlets of popular international brands.

You’ll find everything from groceries to fast fashion, as well as international street/sport brands such as Puma and Lacoste. But the tip for shopping here is to look beyond the immediately obvious stores to more unusual outlets, such as Tantra Boutique, a great place to snap up a new sari.

A two-part up market is best known for the mother of Fabindia.

M Block is popular both with the young and the not-so-young who throng the chaat (Indian spicy fast-snack, typically sold at street corners) kiosks and the retail outlets. It has international brands like Benetton, Esprit, Reebok, Giovanni and Sisley. L’Affaire is a local favorite for a sophisticated line of Indian ethnic wear.

Shops that sell gold, silver and diamond ornaments including Orra and De Beers for contemporary designs and Hazoorilal and Rakyan for traditional jewelery are found here.

Many outlets sell western wear and accessories like bags, shoes and scarves. This market is also famous for the pavement vendors who sell tops, cardigans, track suits and other garments which are very much in tune with latest trends at affordable prices.

If you go out for an evening stroll around this market, chances are you will end up buying things – a pair of gloves, stockings, lingerie, cosmetics, silver trinkets, clothes for the kids

The lane behind the market is home to several ladies’ tailors. You can buy ready-to-wear saree blouses or get them stitched.

None of the hustle bustle seen in M Block is seen in the N-Block market next door. A host of retail garment stores, such as Cottons, Kilol and FabIndia do brisk business. FabIndia, Apartment 9, and Episode are niche stores.

The Archana Shopping Complex just opposite to the N block shopping market has some exclusive and affordable boutiques that sell Indian wear and jewelery.

How to reach the Market:

The market is easily accessible by local transport within the city and is located near Nehru Place, one of the well known commercial hubs in South Delhi. Most shoppers prefer to get dropped off just outside the market to avoid looking for parking in the scarce space available. You can choose to drive down, hail a cab, take the metro (Kailash colony station and take an auto rickshaw from there to the market) or take an auto rickshaw/cab from anywhere in Delhi to the market.

Don’t Miss

  1. Brown Sugar Sandwiches For a more serious hunger pang, head to Brown Sugar and enjoy their wide range of sandwiches in various kinds of breads that, true to their tagline, are sure to get you addicted! Although they offer a variety of other snacks, desserts and coolers, sandwiches here a sure shot filling and yummy meal.
  2. Prince Paan Nimbu Paani While you enjoy the really hot chutney that comes with these momos, grab a glass of fresh lime soda from Prince Paan Nimbu Paani (not to be confused with Prince ‘Pan’, the place known for chocolate pan). Nothing beats the heat as this pimped up version of our very own banta. The sweet-sour taste completely refreshes you in the scorching heat. They recently launched packaged version of their Nimbu Paani that lasts upto 3 months for Rs. 20 only!
  3. Aunty Special Momos Tiny little kiosk next to Prince Pan is Aunty Special Momos. Melida, a Manipuri lady now fronts this small counter which has been here for last 13 years.
  4. Mahesh Chaat Bhandar Ever since they made it to the Kapoor wedding, Dilliwalas love to queue up for the golgappas at this tiny shop. Waiting in the queue you may hear “the prices are astronomical” or “are all of these people really waiting for chaat??” However living in Delhi, I have come to love this place

Famous Shops:


Products: Silver jewellery Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 11am-8pm Telephone Number: 011 2923 6682 Address: M-51, Laxmi Shopping Centre, Greater Kailash, Part 1, M Block Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 Landmark: Behind Nescafe Cafe Price Range: Rs.1000 and above Payment Methods: Cash and card   Silofer is a silver jewellery store established in Delhi in 1978. Although it is a small store it is very popular with the younger generation. The place is known for its silver and gold jewellery which are sold at reasonable prices. They have a huge stock of silver earrings, rings, bracelets and chains as well .You can also get body piercings done here. This is one of the best silver jewellery shops in delhi.

Roshan Tailors

Products: Boutique Shops, Sarees, Salwars suits and Kurtis ( Casual Wear) Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 11am-8pm Telephone Number: 9810261668 Address: M-21, Greater Kailash Market, Part 1, New Delhi- 110048 Landmark: Backside of Greater Kailash Market Price Range: Rs.1000-Rs.5000 Payment Methods: Cash

They stock a variety of Pakistani salwar kameez sets. Brands include names such as Gul Ahmed, Sana Shafinaz, Tabussam Mughal and several others .The colour, styling, patterns and embroidery are distinctly different from what is otherwise available in the market. For all your casual parties , you could rely on these colourful and beautiful salwar suits to bring in the ‘new look’. In addition , they also stock a huge quantity of ready made blouses. Blouses in brocade, sequins , zardosi and embroidery work are available in various styles such as halter neck blouses, backless blouses, spaghetti strap blouses and choli cut blouses. Alterations can be done instantaneously. Further, if you wish to get your sari blouses or salwar suits both designed and tailored, they would only be too willing to oblige. This is a small shop at the back lane of GK M block market and they have been in business since 1975.


Products: Silver jewelery Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 11 am to 9 pm Telephone Number: 011-29230898, 09871542595 Address: M-71, M-Block, Greater Kailash-1 Delhi 110048 Landmark: Sanathan Dharma Mandir/Gurudwara Price Range: Rs. 400-2000 plus Payment Methods: Card & Cash

This shop sells silver trinkets and is a big draw with younger women. The usual fare – earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, nose rings and bangles in all shapes and sizes is displayed very well and is very accessible to customers who wish to try them out. For formal occasions, small silver earrings, set with pearls or precious stones in various hues, ethnic jhumkas and pendants, are available. You cannot miss the shop – an attractive display window full of showpieces and silver photo frames encourage potential customers to walk in and take a closer look. The prices are fixed – small earrings are priced between Rs. 400 and Rs. 900 each while the bigger ones cost Rs. 2000 or more per piece. Those who need body parts pierced to sport the jewelery can step back into the tattoo parlor tucked at the rear-end and get it done. Check out the religious figurines in silver , while you are at it. Also,if you have old silver jewelery without stone-studding, that needs to be fixed, they are happy to repair it for you. This is one of the best silver jewelery shops in Delhi.

Super Cloth Store

Products: Fabric/Dress Materials Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 10.30 am - 8.00 pm Telephone Number: 011-29230373,29240373 Address: M-23A, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi-110048 Landmark: Sanathan Dharma Mandir/Gurudwara Payment Methods: Card & Cash   If you have in mind a beautiful dress pattern, but simply cannot find the right dress material, do not despair. This shop is an absolutely super store for suit pieces. You must head to this place if you want to purchase beautiful semi-stitch suits or high quality fabric for your dresses. You can shop in relative comfort. The selection is extensive. A crepe suit sets costs Rs. 3,700 per set, brocades are around Rs. 900 per metre, silks are available at Rs. 2,100 per metre and tussar suit pieces at Rs. 4,500 per set.

Print Centre

Products: Fabric/Dress Materials Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 11 am to 9 pm Telephone Number: 011-29239048 Address: M-27 A, M-Block, Greater Kailash-1 Delhi 110048 Landmark: Sanathan Dharma Mandir/Gurudwara Price Range: Wide range Payment Methods: Card&Cash

Print Centre is a fabric store for Dress materials. Their fabric collection is awesome, sourced from every corner in India. They have cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe silk and so on. The fabrics sport both plain and printed patterns. There is a sizeable collection of unstitched salwar suits as well.

Hazoorilal and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Products: Gold & diamond Days Closed: Tuesday Timing: 11 am to 9 pm Telephone Number: 011-41734567 Address: Hazoorilal & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd,M-44, M-Block, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi -110048 Landmark: Sanathan Dharma Mandir/Gurudwara Price Range: Rs. 50,000 onwards Payment Methods: Cash & Card   Established brand, loyal following, regular flow of customers. This shop has been around for more than 70 years and specializes in diamonds. Exotic diamonds and Belgium certified diamond solitaires sell very well as the affluent well heeled customer drops in regularly. Naturally, you can expect to see every possible design under one roof. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, tourmalines, topaz, lapis lazuli and malachite take the form of pure, traditional Jadau kundan, polki jewelery, set in pure gold. Kundan is an ancient art of stone setting with gold foil inserted between gems and gold. The simple sets cost between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1 lakh each, depending on the design and the cost of gold. Very ornate and exquisite sets in the bridal wear collection are studded with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls and cost upwards of Rs. 1 lakh per set. This is one of the best shops for Gold and precious jewelery in Delhi.