Top Fashion Accessories for Men

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Most of the people will concur with the epigram “women’s fashion is much more diverse than men!!”. But who says accessories are for women only? Here are top 10 accessories that can add flavour and color to any outfit to fit the preferences of any men out there.

1. Watch

A wrist watch is the most conventional accessory a man can invest in. It exudes simplicity while adding style to your personality. it is one of the most acceptable men’s accessory. Mechanical, chronograph, leather strap watches are the latest trends this season.

2. Tie

A tie is one accessory that adds life to any men’s attire. Various mutants include bow-tie, necktie, ascots. A tie radiates class and confidence. Pair up your suit with multicolor, printed , textured, silk ties this summer.

3. Pocket Squares

Regardless of this recently added fashion statement pocket squares have become a perfect addition to men’s wardrobe. How to pair them up?? well chose a totally contrast pocket square. no matchy-matchy!!GO for a colorful choice that isn’t too in-your-face.

4. Wallet

Black and brown leather wallets for men are perennial. The Hobo Millie Clutch and Elephant wallets are gaining popularity these days. Totally cool isnt it?

5. Money clip

This accessory offers a simple and convenient approach to handle your cash. Its graceful and elegant style makes it a great alternative to carry your money. While other men are still confused as to what is better, a wallet or a money clip, you grab your painted m-clip, chrome or silver plated money clip to earn brownie points in impressing ladies out there!

6. Card Holders

Card holders can be a superb approach to speak to a level of professional skill. They also serve as a great way to gift a business associate. Stainless steel and custom fabric card holders are go-go this season.

7. Jewellery for men

Yes unsual it seems,, but jewellery for men is gaining popularity now-a-days. Common jewellery for men is the wedding ring. THe most effective way for a man to carry jewellery is to be comfortable about it. Ear studs, copper bracelets, lapel pins, beaded necklace are some well executed jewellery intended for men.

8. Belt

Belt is a safe and easy pick accessory for men. It no longer serves as a tool for holding mens trouser but a great style statement. Wide buckles and a webbed, fabric version with a double-D buckle fastening works well for this summer.

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses, aviators, shades are one of the accessory men wear on their face. They are a must have for glamorous, High Fashion look. Tortoiseshell frames and sleek metal are latest fashion trends..

10. Cuff links

Well you must first know what are cufflinks?? Cufflinks are tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed. They add variety and shape to men’s outfit. Chain link and stud cufflinks are perfect for all your wedding functions and other formal occasions.