5 Famous Street Shops in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a city that has n number of options for the perceptive bargain street shoppers. Be it colorful flower markets or the crowded second hand stores, there is something for everyone. The local street market of a city is something that can never be compared to anything else in the world. The joy of shopping gives an amazing shopping experience. The lively sounds, smells, and the wonderful sights of the city further make these shopping streets different from others. From clothes, accessories, to books, street food, medicines, flowers, and what not, Bangalore has a separate street market for everything that one would like to buy. Here is a list of 5 famous street shops in Bangalore where the shopaholics would love to go:

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the most popular shopping areas that has stores selling every style of clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes, and much more. Every time you pay a visit to this street, you will find something new to shop for. All you need to do is bargain to your heart’s content. The more you bargain here, the less amount you will have to pay for the items that you purchase.

Avenue Road

The avenue road is an eternally crowded one way street that is famous for food carts, stationary shops, shops selling jewellery, and textiles. It is the home to such interesting things that no one can find anywhere else in the city. Here, second hand books are available at cheap rates and the ones who want to sell unused books are also welcomed. This makes it an ideal place for students as well as the book lovers due to the buying and selling of second hand books.


Chickpet is counted among the city’s oldest commercial districts and is famous for a wide variety of saris as well as wholesale dress materials that are available at reasonable prices. Also, you don’t need to compromise with the quality. Bangles at Balepet, jewellery at Raja market, and locally made musical instruments at Nagarthapet are also worth a purchase when you visit this place.

Gandhi Bazaar

Being city’s most vibrant streets, this market is known for trinkets, traditional religious items, textiles, silk saris, and local medicines. The best form of this shopping place can best be seen in the evenings and at the time of festivals. Offering lip smacking street food, a large number of people are gathered at the popular eateries, the most famous being Vidyarthi Bhavan.

City Market

The city market is famous for colorful flowers, vegetables, and fresh fruits and several kilos of flowers are sold here every day. Vendors all over the city buy their stock from this market. The quality of flora, vegetables, and fruits make this place a must visit. If you get here early in the morning, you will be able to buy the best produce. The condition of the place is little messy but the fresh stock available here is a must to see and buy.