7 Ways to Re-use Your Bridal Lehenga

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When it comes to choosing the Bridal Lehenga, we just never mind the thousands of rupees as well as the long hours spent in finalizing the same. We take extra initiative to customize it according to our preference and make it more attractive in every way possible. But what happens of that precious piece of clothing, the bridal lehenga , after the wedding. Well if I am not wrong, then half of my readers will raise their hand if I say its wrapped up in a malmal ka kapda safely in the wardrobe. Well here are some great ideas to re use your bridal lehenga in a classy fashion again and again.

Lessen the volume and Cut it along.

Though it may sound very harsh and painful but one can surely lessen down the motifs and heavy embellishments by simply cutting it off and toning it down in its look. With the extra kalis removed which was forcefully inserted at that time or event with the net out it will look more subtle and wearable.

Switch the style to Anarkali

With the help of a good tailor, its quite easy to transform your wedding attire to an embellished anarkali which looks less bridal in comparison to a bridal lehenga. The skirt and the blouse can be stitched together with a waist belt or the same can be stitched with a separate simpler blouse to get the desired effect.

Long Kurtis with Lehengas

This is one of the most preferred styles that have hit the fashion world with a bang. And it is also a great way to reuse the bridal lehenga with a toned kurti and set the look. Even jackets with thin borders are also a good option to try along.

Combining the bridal set with other attires

Usually the bridal lehenga teamed up with designer blouses and embellished dupatta forms the bridal set and altogether they provide the bridal feel. So the best way is to team the lehenga with a toned top, wear the blouse with a plain skirt and use the dupatta with a neutral shaded salwar kameez.

Color Blocks

It is not always necessary to team up bridal lehenga with same colored blouses. Color blocking is quite in the fashion so if the idea is to attend some wedding function then pair up the embellished lehenga with a no work blouse of different color and just set the elegant look for the occasion.

Drape it as a saree

There are many cases when the lehenga sets have a long flowing dupatta with loads of zari work on it. The best way to tone the dress down and still keep the charm is to drape the dupatta as a saree pallu and use a toned down blouse to maintain the classy look

Use as it is

We all love our lehengas and honestly there are many who just don’t want to alter it. For them the best way to use it is by wearing it just as it is but with a simpler accessories, toned make up, and by letting the hair fall casually.