8 Best Indian Wedding Songs for the Grand Bridal Entry

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Wedding! The most auspicious and important day of every girl’s life! On this so very special day, everything ought to be perfect. From a beautiful bridal dress to the perfect background song during the entry, there needs to be sublimity in everything and every girl wants that these dreams come true.

Picture yourself on your wedding day walking down the alley with your favorite people by your side. The marvelous attire and a soft romantic song being played in the background, while you move towards your prince charming. Doesn’t it seem like a fairy tale where you are the princess and the evening belongs to you! So, to help you with this fairy tale turning into reality, we have a list of songs to make your bridal entry an epic one:


Raabta song from the movie Agent Vinod can be an excellent choice to make the bridal entry a decent yet a grand one! The lyrics of the song, “Kehte Hai Khuda Ne…” perfectly fit the moment, addressing the bride’s and bridegroom’s emotions to each other.

Din Shagna Da

I think Din Shagna Da is played at almost every Indian wedding when the beautiful maiden enters. There is hardly any wedding where we won’t hear “din shagna da chadheya” playing in the background, as the bride is stepping towards her to be husband.

Sajde kiye hai laakhon

From the legend Akshay Kumar’s movie Khatta Meetha, Sajde kiye hai laakhon is also an ideal and lovely song that can be played at the time of bridal entry. The song is soothing to the ears and would perfectly convey the heart-tendering feelings going on in the hearts of the bridegroom as well as the bride.

Tum se hi

Another amazing song for a bride’s entry is the song “Tum se hi” from the movie Jab we met. It describes how important both of them feel about each other.

Teri Ore

I think there cannot be a better song that would best describe the moment. As the bride moves towards her better half, the lyrics of the song match every step she takes or each moment she does, while moving forward.

O Re piya

The song “o re piya” sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is good enough to grab people’s attention as and when you enter the venue on your big day.

Kabira Encore

Kabira encore version is another wonderful song that can be played well when the bride enters the wedding hall. It makes the atmosphere so senti-menti that the people around start shedding tears looking at the bride.

Latika’s theme song

Sung by A.R. Rehman, from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire, this theme song is just a feeling that would definitely bring goose bumps on the skin of the listeners. The more you listen to this, the more you will feel it and love it.

So girls , on your big day, don’t let the DJs ruin your eye-catching entry by playing some cheap beats. Choose your own jingle for your special day!