5 Honeymoon Dresses to Wow Him

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After the wedding ceremonies are done, the newly wedded couple is all ready to get set and go for their honeymoon. You want everything to be the best, be it the honeymoon destination, the venue where you’ll b staying, the places that you are going to visit, the activities you are going to do, the places you are going to eat or shop. Everything is planned in advance and you just can’t wait to do it all. Your excitement level is simply unstoppable!

Honeymoon! The dreamy phase of every girl’s life, where everything seems to be perfect and the way it had to be. So, you are in your dreamy phase and can’t keep your hands off each other. You just can’t wait to reach your honeymoon spot, but before you set out for it, do not forget to do your homework. Yes, we are talking about a few pretty and hot outfits that would simply make him go nuts over your beauty! Also, a dress chosen wisely can make it an amazing as well as a never forgetting honeymoon for you. Here are a few suggestions as to what dresses can you take along on your honeymoon and have those picture perfect memories:

Evening dress

Nothing can make you look classier than an elegant yet sexy evening dress. They say red is the color of love so why not put on a red evening dress and have a candle light dinner beneath a sky lit with stars. Pair it with pencil heels and a beige or gold clutch and slay him!

Floral tunic

A tiny tunic makes every girl look pretty and hot at the same time. So, wearing a cute floral dress while going out for shopping would not let him take his eyes off you. Putting on a light and natural makeup would add to the glow on your face and give you that perfect look that would make him love you more and more.

Boho piece

A boho one piece is all you need to have that attractive look for your honeymoon. Moreover, it would make your better half go completely crazy after you.

Hot pants

Hot pants give every girl a sexy chic look. So a denim hot pant wore with a sexy top or a cool tee accompanied by a pair of shades and wedges would get you a look that would make his eyes glued to you.

Barely there

A beaded net top or dress in nude in color will leave a little to his imagination. The beaded threadwork on the outfit would make you look sexy and he would not be able to resist you anymore and you will be all set for a hot and amazing night.

Hope you like our suggestions on the kind of dresses that would make your honeymoon an extra special and extra hot one! Do not forget to click amazing pictures and make a beautiful collection of your beautiful memories.