How to Take Care of Your Skin Before Wedding

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When everything on your big day is so perfect and flawless, how can your skin stay far behind? When it comes make your skin ready for your special day, it must not be taken for granted but yes, do not take too much of stress as it can lead to unwanted and catastrophic results for your skin. To help you with this further, here we have some tips as to how you can get that perfect and radiant skin for your wedding:

Say no to new skin products

Do not even think of trying any new products at least up to three weeks before your wedding and these products include skin care, make-up, hair care, and yes, even washing powder. In case an kind of skin reaction takes place, it can take a long time to calm down, which, I think none of the girls can afford before her wedding day.

Do not leave it like a last minute decision

The earlier you figure out the skin issues and decide to start working on them, the better would it be for you. In addition, using the products that exfoliate your skin would be a great help in getting rid of the dead skin cells. When the dead cells are removed, your skin would look fresh and the color complexion of your skin would be enhanced manifolds. Also, do not forget to use a good SPF to avoid damaged skin due to exposure to sun.

Green tea, your best friend

Green tea has as many benefits as you want to count. It has always been beneficial to drink green tea. Not only can this help with weight loss but also its anti-oxidant properties help reduce acne and brighten the skin.

Drink plenty of water

Water is undoubtedly a wonder liquid. The more water intake you do, the more benefits you are going to get. It is believed that drinking more and more water brings glow on your face. Medically, acne and pimple are caused as a result of stomach disorders, so, drinking more of water, help heal stomach problems and consequently give a bright and beautiful skin. Water also pinkens your lips.

Eat lot of fruits

The essential nutrients in fruits like papaya, cucumber, tomato are said to bring a kind of flamboyant glow to your skin. So, as and when your big day is near, start feeding yourself with a whole meal of fruits and let your skin have the complete food. Also, it helps your body gain vital minerals as well as vitamins that would keep you happy and energetic throughout the month.

So girls, not to worry! We have got a solution to all your wedding related issues. Just keep following the aforesaid steps with dedication and this would definitely pave way for a clear and glowing skin that would make your better half a complete fan of yours. Stay happy, stay petty, coz happy girls are the prettiest!