5 Issues Faced by Youth Today

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In the modern scenario, the serious issues and concerns related to kids are coming to light slowly and gradually and now that we have entered this new era, the society also has begun to recognize them. not only are they coming to the notice, but also, a need to find solution to these is arising. So, to familiarize a person with these, we are listing a few here:


A very common thing to hear but can be a serious concern, if we ponder upon deeply. The kids belonging to today’s generation are gaining weight and getting fatter and fatter day by day and mind it- there is a difference between chubby and obese. It can be said that it is an aftermath of social media and that the modern gadgets have made humans a slave to technology. Kids spend hours and hours sitting in front of television or a computer instead of indulging themselves in outdoor activities. As a result, they are gaining more of weight. The quote- ‘All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ fits perfectly to them. Ultimately, this leads to acute disorders like depression, lowered self-esteemed, self-confidence going null, and so on. Also, other maladies like fluctuations in blood pressure and diabetes are two of the consequences.


It is a well-known fact that a developing country faces too much of employment problem. The present youth is capable enough and also possesses the right qualification but there is a lack of employment opportunities in the country. This renders them jobless, doing nothing, which then leads to catastrophic results like suicide or taking some other dangerous step.


One of the major issues faced by 90 percent of youngsters today is failure in love relationships. As per Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, love or belongingness is one of our needs that holds priority in life. But, looking at today’s youth, it seems like there whole world revolves around the person they fall in love with. If they find themselves stuck in a relationship where there is lack of love or respect or due to any other reason, it fails; they end up harming themselves or taking a disastrous action.


Poverty can be considered yet another element that profoundly effects the youth as well as their psychology today. The division of families based on income creates disparity among people and the kids have to live in poverty. Just because their parents cannot earn sufficient amount of money, the little ones are also deprived of government assistance. As a result their childhood goes dingy and their future bleak.

Alcohol/Drug addiction

Drugs and alcohol are being consumed like candies and beverages in today’s world and the most addicted ones to these are the youngsters of today. Not only boys, but also young girls can be found with a cigarette or a packet of cocaine in their hands. In addition, the modern trends like hookah parlors and going out for clubbing are kindling the fire.