Do You Love Her or Just a Crush Find It Out Here

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Getting confused between liking someone and loving her is a very normal thing. Most of the guys take years to realize that they love a girl or it is just a cute little crush that they have on them. In fact, many a times it happens so that even after coming into a relationship, they are confused about whether they love her or they just have a crush on her. To clear this confusion a little bit, here is a small attempt that would make you realize the difference between love and crush:

Temporary feeling:

Crush is temporary feeling. It is nothing but attraction. If you have a crush on a girl, you will only have such a feeling when the girl is around you. When she is not around, you would not feel anything like attraction but in case of love, you will their presence in every moment of your life.


When you love someone, she would be your priority and you would value her more than yourselves. Sometimes, you would even do anything or go anywhere for her, without even giving a second thought to it but in case of crush, you would not have that much of guts to do ‘anything’ for her. Somewhere, you will resist taking the risk.

On your mind, all the time

You will like your life to be filled with her memories, when you love a girl. Perhaps, you would feel her right, even if she is wrong at some point. Her behavior would not change even an inch of your love for her. Also, you would remember each and every moment you spend or spent with her but in case of crush, you would only start to think of her when someone talks about her to you or she appears in front of you.

Their happiness makes you happy

When you love a girl, her happiness would make you happier than yours but if it is just a mere crush, you would feel happy for them but prioritize your happiness.

Hard to forget

If you truly love her, it would be hard to forget her after she is gone. You might take her out of your life but you can never take her out of your mind as well as heart. You will feel her in everyone you come across but crush fades away with the passage of time and as the person moves away from your life.

What she feels, bothers you

When you are in love with a girl, you are affected by what she likes or dislikes, what are her desires, or what interests her the most. All these things would keep on rolling in your mind even if she has left you. On the contrary, when you have a crush on a girl, you would attempt to know her likes and dislikes and what other feelings she has but that would be for a short period of time. The moment you stop receiving a response since long, it would hardly bother you.