7 Questions Every Guy Wants to Ask His Girl

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Every guy is curious about his girl. Apart from the fact, that he loves her so much, there still some ‘questions that he certainly thinks of asking to her. Here we have a list of interrogations that a guy would like to have with his girl:

Why do you spend so much time on makeup?

Often, most of the girls are seen with little or too much makeup on. There is hardly any girl who does not likes to put on makeup in order to look good. So, this can be one of the questions that a guy would probably want to ask her girl that why does she spend so much time on doing makeup. And the answer would be because the girls like the way they look in it. Also, it is fun to wear makeup.

How frequently do you talk bad about your friends?

There is a difference between gossiping about someone and talking bad about them. Gossip can be harmless but talking bad can be something serious. So, another question that a guy would like to ask his girl is that does she talk bad about her friends. To be frank, the ones whom one calls her friend, she can never talk bad about him or her.

Do you watch porn? If yes, how often?

This one got to be another question that would interest a guy. He might want to ask this to her girlfriend if she also enjoys watching porn and how often does she watches them. well, the answer can be most of them don’t even like to think of doing this. This is because girls are more of mental than visual. They believe in imagination and storyline, so watching such poorly acted video might not be their thing.

Why do you take so much time while taking a shower?

It is found that many girls take a lot of time in bathing. So, the guy is always inquisitive to know that what makes his girl also spend so much time in bathing.

What would you say about No shave November?

There is no denying the fact that girls also need to shave certain areas of their body, where it is inevitable. But like the boys it is very common that girls feel lazy about this too. So, this one would definitely make a guy pose a question on her girly.

What habit/habits do you hate in your guy?

Well, this one would be a beneficial question for every guy. If they dare to ask the bad habits in them that their girl hates and wants them to change, it would somewhere do good to them as well as their relationship, provided that the girl answers honestly.

Do you like to check out other guys just for an eye candy?

Yet another question that every guy would rush on is that how often do their girlfriend checks out other guys for providing an eye candy to themselves.