How to Overcome a BAD Breakup

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Break ups can be very difficult to deal with and looking at how fast paced our lives are, it is difficult to make time for you and cope up with all the depression phase.

Needless to talk about how you have to deal with all the people around who if know about the break up, keep asking how you feeling and those who don’t know keep wondering if there is something wrong you are going through mentally. However, we have got a few ways in which you can handle a break up without going through much of self- disappointment or depression. Hope this tips help you and do the best for you

Block him or unfriend him from all social media platforms.

You might feel like a grownup that does not need to do all this but trust us, this helps BIG time! Off course you do not what his name popping up in your notifications. This might keep reminding you of him and plus getting updates about what he is up to while are trying to move on can worsen things up for you.

Do not jump into the ‘let us just be friends’ stage too soon.

It is advisable to give yourself sometime to figure things out and realize what needs to be changed and what does not. If he suggests this then tell him that you need some time to think about it. Usually one wish to be just friends while the other expects more out of it, and at such you a state, you might want to have things clear and no confusions involved.

If you are ever tempted to drink, take a friend along.

Drinking while you are alone and sad after a break up is very common.Although some find it a convenient way to deal with such traumatic situations, it is not really a solution to it. If you are tempted to go for a drink, take a trusted friend along who would make sure you don’t up making regrettable choices when you are drunk.

Start up an intense work out regime.

You might have come across options like these which people usually choose. The point is to boost your self-confidence and keep you focus on your own well-being. Moreover, doing something such as kickboxing is a great way of getting all the inner frustration out and doing something productive.

Allow yourself to cry whenever you need to.

This one can be a bit confusing but letting it all go and getting yourself out of the phase should be your motive.

Most importantly give time to do things that you like doing and being around people who love and care for you. Before loving others, it is important to love ourselves, beginnings could be little difficult but once you start initiating things, you feel good about it. Remember the solution is always live up in the present than recalling the past. Your life is important.