Checklist for Your Wedding Vanity Box

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A girl’s wedding is the most important day of her life and everything related to wedding needs to be absolutely amazing. Moreover, the tiny minis associated that give immense happiness and one such happiness is the fun of doing your own wedding shopping.

It is that time of your life when you can buy anything and nobody can stop you. Just imagine how exciting would be the shopping for wedding makeup. But a wise thing to do would be that you buy only those products that you will actually use as cosmetics expire after a certain period of time. Nonetheless, we have some essentials that would make a perfect wedding vanity box for you.


A compact or what is commonly known as face powder is the most common thing that a girl must have in her makeup kit. This is essential as the normal Indian skin is oily. Therefore, putting on a loose or translucent powder on, the skin would not look too oily after a couple of years.


A primer is a must have in your wedding vanity checklist if you love to put on makeup often. This primer acts as a barrier between the foundation and your skin.


Foundation is another essential item that is meant for a makeup girl. When applied, it acts as a base glow for your skin.


This is another makeup thing that you must carry in your kit. It outlines your eyes.


A brush is required to put makeup on. Hence, you can include different brushes according to the purpose they are meant for.


Putting a light shade of shadow on your eyes would make them look attractive and ‘eye-catchy.’


This serves as a magical equipment in your makeup box and makes your eye lashes look simply amazing.

Lipstick and Lip liner

Although a lipstick or a lip-gloss is more or less the same thing but the choice entirely depends upon you. In fact, you can go for both of them but do not forget to assist them with a lip liner as it outlines your lips, with lipstick or gloss filled in. You can have as many shades and colors of lipsticks or glosses you want to.

Kajal Pencil

When you have already equipped your kit with an eyeliner, how can you forget a kajal pencil. Kajal is something that is being used since ages by the women folk and it is believed to give your eyes a magical look. They say kajal is the most basic makeup that a girl can put on.

Eyebrow Pencil

You are definitely going to need an eyebrow pencil to magnify your looks. It is the perfect makeup accessory to groom your brows.


Think you have to rush to a party on a very short notice but you realize that there are a few irritating spots on your skin, well, a concealer can work wonders at such time. It can help you hide those spots for a time being.

Makeup Remover

When you have so much of makeup to put on, certainly you would be needing something to remove it as well. A makeup remover is something that you must not forget to keep in your wedding vanity box.