10 Best Budget Free Honeymoon Destinations in the World

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Honeymoon, another amazing time associated with your wedding! It ought to be amazingly perfect, ain’t it? But the other side of story reveals something different. When it comes to wedding expenses, not everyone has a loose budget to spend money like water. But that does not even imply that you cannot have a fabulous honeymoon. We have a list of budget friendly destinations where you can enjoy to the fullest without stretching your dollars much.


Ireland is one of the best ravel places for the ones who want a honeymoon in Western Europe. The picturesque views, castles, charming villages, as well as the vibrant green stretches are enough to make you fall in love with the place.


With a tropical climate and n number of beautiful sandy beaches, a very affordable honeymoon trip to Mexico can easily be planned. It has a variety of accommodations that would fit anyone’s budget. The leisure time spent in jungles or relaxing on the beach with a cocktail is something that incuses you, then Mexico is the place where your honeymoon is meant to be.


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations of Southeast Asia that is known for being wallet-friendly. This place boosts of having a plenty of picture-perfect beaches having clearest of waters. The adventure lovers have their call in the place as it does offer activities like trekking and wildlife safari. Moreover, the food and accommodations are very affordable.


Gifted with beautiful medieval architecture and gorgeous beaches, Croatia is one of the best option for honeymooners. Also, there are plenty of things worth doing. You can go boating, sightseeing as well as relish the scenic views of Europe.


Jamaica is one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean area. Home to laidback mountains, pristine beaches and, waterfalls, this place has affordable resorts to make it an amazing honeymoon for you. Other than this, there are affordable boutique hotels as well. Jamaica brings a cheap tropical honeymoon for you.


Turkey is another fantastic affordable honeymoon destination if you crave for amazing food, ancient ruins, and postcard-worthy villages. The rich culture of the place decorated with mosques and palaces is something that must not be missed while here.


A package of Vancouver, Montreal, and Whistler, Canada can give you a taste of amazing honeymoon experience. Or you can even visit a part of Canada and celebrate your honeymoon.


The most affordable country to visit in Western part of Europe is Portugal and this place is also blessed with immense cultural and historical heritage, which includes ancient castles, river cruises, olive groves, seaside fishing villages, and much more.


For the adventure lovers of the world, Nicaragua is the best pocket-friendly destination. There are plenty of outdoor activities that one can do and these include lakes, beaches, volcanoes, mountains, and so on. To mention a few by name, volcano boarding, hiking, and Ziplining are something you’re surely going to enjoy.


Romantic Resorts, calm climate, clear waters, and sandy beaches it is the perfect package to have an amazing honeymoon and Greece offers you this gateway to make your honeymoon affordable as well as enjoying.