10 Questions Every Girl Wants to Ask Her Guy?

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Well, it is not as if the number of questions we often bombard you with is a low figure. Nevertheless, we have a few more. There are certain questions, which are not so easy to ask, or are better avoided. However, in alignment with our traits, we cannot feel at peace unless these questions are answered.

No matter how cool we might seem as girlfriends, we remain troubled by these questions. Therefore, boys, if you are reading this, please do help us clear away the clouds of curiosity hovering over our heads by answering these questions!

1.Do you love me? Like, you really do?’

You might have been very clear about your serious intentions. Yet, we feel the need to re-confirm if the answer has changed, is still the same, or is modified. And of course, we love listening to the way you express your love.

2.How much do you love me?’

We aren’t expecting a very clichéd answer for this one, but rather an honest answer that quantitatively describes your love for us. Then you can probably just add on those historic lines proclaiming how you can even fetch us stars from Heaven. :P

3.‘Do you ever stalk me the way I stalk you?’

Umm, maybe not as diligently as we do, but at least partially in the same manner that we do? That’s really something we girls would want to know. We love knowing how much a person is curious about us.

4.Does your best friend really like us?’

If this question has not yet come up, be assured that it soon will. Although your best friend might be very nice to us, we cannot help but contemplate on the question if she genuinely likes us or is being pretentious and doing it for the sake of friendship.

5.‘How serious were you in your previous relationship?’

This kind of a question may lead to an awkward silence. It is similar to the awkwardness we face when we contemplate asking you this. The answer would not really affect our relationship, but we are curious. We would want to be a bit more knowledgeable about this.

6.‘Did you ever imagine getting married to your ex?’

If it were a straight forward NO, we definitely would want to know the answer. However, if it’s a yes, then maybe we should just go to the next question.

7. ‘What do your friends think about me?’

Whether the answer is negative or positive, we are ready to face anything and everything. We just want to know about the kind of conversation you have with your friends while discussing us.

8.‘Do you still miss something special about your past relationship?’

At some point, we do accept your past and stay cool with it. Yet, we do love keeping ourselves informed about such things.

9.What if your parents do not accept me?’

We reassure you that we will try our best to make them like us. However, suppose they don’t, what do we do then? Where does our relationship go from here?

10.Why me at all?’

Now this one calls for a super romantic reply. We girls would love hearing about your feelings during the initial meeting, and what prompted you to choose us. It might be the hundredth time but it is hard to explain how it feels to hear the answer every single time!