Is Your Child Picking the Right Career Option?

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A simple effort of yours can make great change in terms of selecting the right career for your child!

Being a parent, has this question ever strike on your mind? Have you ever observed, towards what your little one is inclining more? In the daily hustle, parents often forget to notice those silly but important deeds of their child, which in a long run can be a big problem to tackle with. The skill of being a good parent Is not a rocket science. Yes, it can be obtained over the time. In today’s world, where academics, extra-curricular activities and distractions in the term of electronic gadgets, acquire children’s priority time, it is tough to communicate with them. However, a simple effort in this regard can make a great change.

How to choose a right career is quite a common question floating in every students’ mind after completing the schooling. Since this is the peak time to find the right path and follow it enthusiastically, a student must be aware of his aptitude and preferences. One wrong decision might lead you to regret for lifetime. A well- structured career is an essential element to chase a successful life and here, parents can set the example as epitome of success, as they have already experienced the same phase.

In this article, we will give you an idea about how to help your child in choosing the right career path. Moreover, the DO’s and DON’T given here will help you in evaluate your parental role.

Keep an Eye on these Imperatives:

There are a few factors, which make the career selection process like a cakewalk. While determining a career for their children, parents should understand and ponder these factors. They include:


Whatever you are doing, it should be of your interest. Without having an interest in a particular field, one can’t be successful in making this as his/her passion. Same goes to your child too. It is your duty as a parent to keep a frequent check of your child’s interest and choose a career accordingly.


One’s ability determines his/her capabilities of doing something. It acts like a mirror of your child personality as well. By noting their ability of doing something, you can select a career exactly meant for your child.

Research on the availability of course:

The course related to a particular career should be available easily and it is, therefore, parents’ duty to do a thorough research on that before advising their child to opt it.


Pay attention to the scope of a particular course, which tells us about what type of opportunities, will open up after doing that particular course or going for a career.


Though, all the time it’s not necessary, but in today’s scenario, remuneration or salary plays an important role. Remuneration should meet the child’s aspirations, so that they can excel a satisfied and comfortable life ahead.

Do’s and Don’t


  • Evaluate your child’s aptitude, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help your child in discovering his/her own passion.
  • Motivate your child in pursuing his/her passion.
  • Inform your child regarding all aspects of the career.
  • Help the child understand the work life in the chosen career by associating with professionals in the field.
  • Stop your child from falling prey to peer-pressure and herd mentality.
  • Gain your child’s confidence and motivate them to discuss their queries with you.
  • Seek professional help whenever required.


  • Do not impose your wish on them
  • Do not burden the child with unreal expectations
  • Don’t be impatient when dealing with children
  • Career scope changes with time; do not try to impose the ideas or views that existed during your days
  • Do not misguide the child into choosing a career of your choice
  • Do not be on rush to answer a child’s question without the knowledge. It’s ok to take time, research or seek professional help
  • Protect your child from being influenced by others in the career selection process

This way you can be an active partner of your child while selecting a career. Identify your child’s interest, skills and value and start playing your role.

Happy Parenting