OMG: 10 Insane Things Your Favourite Celebrities Believe!!!

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Well we all love Bollywood’s Thumkas and jhatkas without NO doubts but we hear about their insane believes, it will straight forwardly put all us into persist snigger! Superstition is a senseless fear of God that NOT only show our much loved stars into disgust situations but also proof that Everyone is NOT perfect though as it sees..

So guys coming back to the track, let’s make your heart little more giggles and request our superstars to be little sensible in this approach.

10 Shilpa Shetty

Our number 10 celebrity is our favourite dhumkas girl. This superstar, super model and modern Entrepreneur that each girl want to be like has lot s more to stay herself practical to keep out of her laughing list.

As confessed by this beautiful diva herself, Shetty always wear “TWO” watches during cricket matches of IPL. It is NOT all, the way she cross her legs when oppositions team bats is ACTUALLY insane.

Shilpa we love you and millions of your fans don’t want you to have such senseless fear or FAITH.

9 Bipasha Basu

Always on the news for her fitness and over sensuous body, now this bollywood queen caught in our list with her over senseless thinking on the FEAR or faith over devil in particular. This Bengali sexy diva is always seen in horror movie but our reader will be chuckle after knowing her INSANE flicks for keeping lemon and green chillies in car every Saturday to keep her safe from evil eye.

Well bips, fearing from BHOOOOOOOT is not a cool idea.

8 Katrina Kaif

Our bollywood Barbie doll is always in the mind for her sexy face and controversial love relationships. But this time she is stuck with our list for her superstitious belief of dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer before of movie release date.

Devotion is good kat but making it little pernickety and obligatory each time surely make you look insane.

7 Deepika Padukone

After Katrina, Deepika is our next number to have insensible faith that sure said to be insane. Going with the flow as Kat, she visits Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi. Well visiting temple is NOT weird, but making it OBLIGATERY is INSANE.

6 Ajay Devgn

Well guys DONT blame me if you ACTUALLY do the Dublicheaked with th google for this as it is 100% TRUE or NOT that out KJos hubby has REMOVED “a” from his surname to have successful career!

I mean REALLY????

Mummy told us that hard work ke liye there is NO short “CUTS… “

This kind of INSANE things is NOT expected with you Mr. devgAn.. as you seems to be sensible in beginning.

5 Sanjay Dutt

Well I am sure that all of my readers must have watched Munna bhai Mbbs? Yes? Have you remember our favourite Munna have do heart touching gandhigiri to remove that Pandit taboo for mangalic vivah..

Yes yes yes ..

So taking our number 5, our Munna Bhai has ACTUALLY broken our heart with his INSANE thing for choosing Number 45 45 each time and called as its good luck charm.

We loved you for what you done in the movie and NOW you are making us regret with this 4545 drama Munna..

Grow up Munna!!!

4 Aamir Khan

oOops Aamir is ACTUALLY a heart breaking name to see in this list for sure. Having famous to be called as Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood industry and looked up by millions of young minds, this INSANE thing is NOT so cool.

Our readers will be thrill to know that such a contemporary minded actor and liberated person who was recently loved for his PK movie who actually a slap for melo drama for superstitions is all just a reel play!

Our Mr. Perfectionist have a COMPULTION to release his movies on Christmas. List is quite long Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK.

Poor thing!!! PK was REEL not REAL.

3 Kareena Kapoor Khan

Our bebo has taken 3rd positions in the race for her insane things in this list. You want to know how? She being the hottest and most followed on the bollywood theme lines, she is now in the laughing stalks for her obsession for NUMBER 3 on the car plates.

Bebo you have to be trend setters for all your co actors for NOT doing this INSANE harkate. We love you and these things are NOT #3

2 Salman Khan

He is hot and handsome, BUT surely this time he is NOT so COOL!

Our being human hero and Bigg boss super star, is also INSANE for trending up with superstition tradition with his sexy looking though, blue sapphire bracelet.

Change it salu, we know You Can!!!

1 Shah Rukh Khan

KING Khan with NOT much doubt takes our TOP position in our list with his number 555 superstitious trend.


I hope you all love this INSANE list. DONT follow it and make a change!!!