Cafe 31, a Fine Place in Sector 31 Gurgaon

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Little pearls are now and again found in the swarmed hedge, on the off chance that you have discovered one, consider your self fortunate. I was fortunate throughout the end of the week when we went to this little outlet in Sec 31, Huda Market, another set called CAFE 31.

The outlet worked two young fellows has brimming with vitality and crudeness, as I comprehend, its self planned so the magnificence of off track configuration has its own appeal.


Just the correct one to snatch a little mainland nibble, you cannot bear to remain there for a long as a result of space crunch however usage of accessible space is great, no individuals to individuals interface regardless of space crunch.

Nourishment and Beverages:

The best piece of bistro and that is everything about, we attempted Margherita Pizza and Smokey Grill Pasta alongside ordinary Indian espresso. Adored the effortlessness and freshness of Pasta, nothing was exaggerated, you were getting every one of the flavors on sense of taste.

Client Centricity:

Good, individual revelation, the outlet is claimed by somebody I know subsequently we got individual consideration.

Value for Money:

Absolutely us, our pasta costs us Rs 200 and it was quite recently the correct cost for it. The outlet additionally has couple of things valued at Rs 31, incredible fascination point.

Foundation, Parking and Driveway:

Cafe is in crowed Sec 31 advertise, you cant with the exception of smooth understanding on stopping, you are fortunate on the off chance that you get it. The outlet has enough seating limit, has been stretched out to verandah too, would be worth investing some energy in open, uncommonly in winter.