10 Situations You Can Relate to While Traveling by Delhi Metro

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Delhi metro has been serving delhities since 2002. Delhi metro has become a part and parcel of life for many people. Here are certain situations that anyone who travels by delhi metro will find amusingly relatable.

Situation 1- To sum your journey in metro

Song 1- ye safar nahi asaan bus itna samjh lijiye ki aag ka dariya hai and doob k jana hai

Situation 2- When the person besides you try to sneek in your phone

Song 2- tera dhyan kidhar hai tera phone udhar hai

Situation 3- The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, So the metro is where you go

Song 3- khullam khulla pyar krenge hum dono

Situation 4- When you are tired standing. When your legs feel numb and your lower back feels tired and continuous standing has exerted a lot of strain on your veins.

Song 4- kab tak chup bethe ab toh kuch hai bolna, kuch tum betho kuch hum bethe oh dolna

Situation 5- When you desperately want to get a seat

Song 5- jo teri seat ke khatir tadpe hai, pehle se kya use tadpana oh zalima !!

Situation 6- When u try to fit in even in slighest space available.

Song 6- move your lakk baby, move your lakk baby, sari rat se morning tak baby

Situation 7- Certain fashion trends are made in metro.

Song 7- tenu kaala chashma jachta hai

Situation 8- People travelling by the coach besides the ladies coach.

Song 8- mere sath wale compartment mei ek chand ka tukda betha haii, par afsos hai ki wo humse kuch ukhdha ukdha rehta hai

Situation 9- Kids playing in metro specially the pole dance they try to do!

Song 9- ude dil befikre, ude dil befikre, angaaron mein nikhre, ude dil befikre

Situation 10- Because if you dream of 100s of people chasing you this is the place to fulfil it

Song 10- jaane jaan, dhoondta phir raha, mujhko aawaaz do, chup gaye ho sanam, tum kahan