Whatsapp Alert! No Need to Save One Time Number

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Junk Whatsapp:

Digital revolution has been proved boon to the world. We carry our data of life time in that small device called as Mobile phone. And adding to the boon is whatsapp, with click of button we can connect to our close people sitting across to the other end of the world!

But, there is a glitch in our perfect small world.

When we want to text a person using whatsapp, the number should be saved in our contact list or the other way round. When we save a number in our contact list, it enter into our cloud contacts which is not removed even after deleting the number from our cloud contact. May be you do not need the number again, so why to save the number! Junkjam has got the solution for your junk messaging. Now you do not need to save the number in your contact list to text that one-time-text-number by following the steps below:

  • Go to link: https://whatsapp.junkjam.in
  • This link will directly refer you to your whatsapp messenger
  • Feed the number to who you want to text
  • Eureka! Done!!!


  • You got to save your time
  • Your privacy is maintained
  • No junks in your cloud contacts

Only for Android users!

If you frequently need to text some or the other one-time-text-number, you could add this feature on your homepage of ‘chrome browser’. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click 3 dots on the right top of the page
  2. Add to the homescreen
  3. Done

Now, you don’t need to type the above link each time you text a new number. Just click the feature.