Feminism: Beyonce and Womania Songs

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Once Timothy Leary quoted Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition, usually misattributed to Marilyn Monroe. Feminism has been always misunderstood when it comes to women’s right. Feminism doesn’t teach us fighting against men nor does it say about equalizing with men’s power. When it comes to women empowerment, it mostly started aesthetically. Music industry has always portrayed feminism in supreme way; here are the Beyonce’s songs that you might want to add in your playlist.

1) Flawless

Right from the beginning to the end of the song, she says that women are flawless. If we go with the lyrics, it’s very clear that she doesn’t gives a damn to men and their society. Tuning into lyrics-

You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless
Ride Round in it, flawless
Flossing on that, flawless
This diamond, flawless
My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless
My rock, flawless

2) Run The World

This song is almost like Girls Anthem because it gives goose bumps when the video is watched. The video may seem like the exaggeration of the women empowerment, but that’s what the track is about: women conquering the world; so yeah “Who run the world?” Hell yeah, girls run the world! You Go Beyonce!

3) Single Ladies

To all the single ladies out there, you are a shero and you don’t need a man to label your life! The song explores the bad side women’s world with the black and white theme in it. Throwing her sexiness to attract more, she sings, “I am up on him, he up on me, don’t pay him any attention!” Without being slutty, she carries her sexiness throughout the song. Xoxo

4) Irreplaceable

Winning so many hearts with awards, the song focuses on the bad relationship in which the woman has entangled herself . The song deals with the women empowerment, to leave the man who isn’t worth for anything. No man is irreplaceable; he can be replaced easily if the woman wants. If the man is messing around, she might find someone better in a minute. The lyrics are really heart touching, it is very much relatable to the girls who are having a “bad” phase in her relationship.

5) Sorry

It is very obvious that the song is about apology but Beyonce in the lyrics mentions those words which women might wanna spit it out on men for “relationship” (again). In the lyrics she sings that- Sorry but she isn’t sorry. Now that beautiful line is really a strong statement with sentiments in attitude which a woman need to have to carry her bag of emotions. Woman should not hurt themselves for a man who isn’t paying attention to her at all. The lyrics are flowing with the sentiments.

And now here are some Indian songs that you might wanna listen-

1) Bedardi Raja from Delhi Belly

Sona Mohapatra’s Bedardi Raja is one of the sexiest songs in B’wood. The song talks about woman’s sex and desire towards a heartless (bedard) man.

2) O gujariya from Queen

With the tune, the lyrics are lovely. Starring Kangana Ranaunt, she enjoys the song to the fullest. She is totally high in the life without any intake of alcohol. The movie depicts about a woman going alone on her honeymoon leaving all the in laws priorities behind.

3) Badal Pe pao hain from Chak De India

The song celebrates women’s victory after winning the match. Truly after achieving height, badal pe pao hain.

4) O ri Chiraiya from Satyamev Jayate

The words in this song are so heart touching that it gives goose bumps. It speaks of exploitation that a woman or a girl faces in Indian society. The song expresses the gratitude towards Chiraiya (girl) and warmly welcomes her.

That’s all we have right now. You go girl. Beyonce is inside.