Best Junk Food Addas in Delhi

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Delhi offers all the magnificent opportunities for you to relish the many delicious nuances of junk food. There is always good food in Delhi. People of Delhi love to eat, filling up their appetites with the best tasting and affordable food to satisfy their junk food craving. In a city like Delhi, there are sure to be different “favorites.” So here are some the best junk food addas that you can check out.

Solang Valley: Himachal Pradesh

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Solang Valley Located 15kms above Manali lies Solang valley. At this place, one can find adventures in tranquillity. Solang valley, indeed, is dangerously beautiful with lots of ups and downs. This place comes on the way to Rohtang pass and like the state itself, this place is love for people who have visited for adventure, trekking or just to feel stillness of the nature. Let it be summer season or winter weather, it is a perfect sight to see..!!

Feminism: Beyonce and Womania Songs

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Once Timothy Leary quoted Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition, usually misattributed to Marilyn Monroe. Feminism has been always misunderstood when it comes to women’s right. Feminism doesn’t teach us fighting against men nor does it say about equalizing with men’s power. When it comes to women empowerment, it mostly started aesthetically. Music industry has always portrayed feminism in supreme way; here are the Beyonce’s songs that you might want to add in your playlist.

Looks Created for Fresher Year

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Fresher Year is it?

Are you a fresher? You must be excited right now for your college. You might be in a dilemmatic situation for outfits, what to wear and what not. You must be into this confusion to look traditional chic on first day or to look cool in western outfits. In the confusion, you might get late and hey, who wants to be late on the first day of college itself huh? Also, none of us wanna look bad on first day. Of course, after graduation, no wants to cherish bad day look. Don’t worry, let’s get prepared for your fresher’s year through Limeroad.

4 Simple Hair Hack for Shiny Hair

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Hair is the natural crown that a woman carries on her head and who doesn’t want shiny crown! We all want hair like Priyanka Chopra who is also known for her hair ad of Pantene. Of course, we can’t afford each and every time to go to salon. Worry not; here are simplest hair packs that you can make at home easily.