Destinations for Your Last Single Girls Trip

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Ever been on an ‘only girls’ trip? If you haven’t done it or thought about it yet then go girl, do it now! Yes, here we are referring to an all-girls trip before you step in to your married life. When it comes to your last ‘single girls’ trip, it has to be something unique and epic! Here are 10 destinations for you that would let you have the time of your life.

What to Do if You’re on Your Period on Your Wedding Day?

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Wedding Day is the most special day of every girl’s life. So, the special day of your life is about to arrive. Everything is planned, the perfect dress, the most romantic venue of the city, honeymoon destination, and what not? But oops! What’s happening? You suddenly realize your chums are here and you definitely did not invite them to your wedding. Well, the best way to avoid such a situation is to try and fit it into your marriage plans much before the time. If you happen to experience your period on wedding day, a few things can be done to avoid any kind of mishaps. The first thing to be done is stay calm and composed. Keep a smile pasted to your face and enjoy the day. Here are some tips for you in case you happen to experience period on the most auspicious day of your life:

Best Momos Point in Delhi

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Who doesn’t love momos? I think there is hardly any food lover who could say a no to momos. Delhi is a city that offers a wide range of delicious and irresistible momos. While one wonders where to eat best vegetarian momos or best non-vegetarian momos or best fried momos or best tandoori or wheat momos in Delhi, one ought to try following places and give their taste buds a wave of happiness and satisfaction, making it crave for more. Moreover, you will find plenty of street momos in the city of Delhi, a few being:

Not Just Educators but Role Models: Make Them Feel Special This Teachers Day!

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During our school days we had so many friends that we had to cut short the names of who to call on our birthdays and family functions but when we grow up, after college and come into the corporate world, people get busy in their respective lives. There are just a few friends left who remain close to our heart but our educators, our teachers are the ones who have thousands of people who remember them for ages.

Cheap & Best Hangout Points for College Students

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Every college group has its own hangout point, which is special to them. In every college memory, each rind of gossip takes place in food joint or a café. While we converse about any big or small topic, the snacks and fast food are present as our companion. Their pep is not less than the college where the students study. To continue their vivacity, here we bring to you some of the cheapest and the best hangout points for college students in Delhi.

Best & Budget-free Pubs and Night-out Restaurants in Delhi

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Going out for night outs and partying is such a cool thing to do in the coolest city of Delhi. This is the reason why most of the youngsters love coming to this city for their higher education. Yet another thing that just can’t be ignored is the very little money in the pocket during the college time. At one point, you might feel as if you are in complete recession. But not to worry! For the collegians, there are many cool places where boozing and partying can totally be pocket friendly. Here is a list of some of the best as well as the budget free pubs and night out restaurants near North Campus and South Campus in Delhi.

The Denim Brigade that You Cannot Miss, This Fall!

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Denim is a kind of cotton material known for its utilization in pants and other garments. It utilizes a solid twill weave with a trademark corner to corner ribbing. Initially utilized for laborers' garments, denim is presently pervasive and has even entered the universe of high form. About everybody has no less than one article of clothing made of this fabric in the storage room nowadays.

Stunningly Sensual Full Sleeve Blouses to Make a Fashion Statement at a Wedding

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The wedding season is here once more. Sprucing up and staying aware of the most recent pattern is the close-by errand for the women. There are such a variety of blouse plans and patterns out there in the business sector, yet there’s something about full-sleve blouses or cholis that make them look so rich and tasteful. Here are some full-sleeve choli outlines to help you put forth an agreeable style expression.

The Subtle white Top Trend You Can’t Get Enough Of!

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Why do a reversal to the rudiments? This season, it’s about unobtrusive overhauls, similar to a wrapped abdomen, a cut set pattern, or a topsy-turvy hemline to liven up the exemplary shirt we once acquired from the young men. Obviously shirts are the things you presumably own the greater part of. Also, white is the color of the time, the most wanted and the best of all. So given below are the five essential classifications of white tops. This will give you a reasonable thought of what shirts will be the most adaptable and practical, and afterward from that point you can pick pieces that fit your own style.